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This is my first post. I actually came to this forum looking for tips, and recommendations on good soundfont sf2 files and it has been very useful.

The licence is Creative Commons sharable provided the author is acknowledged. Licence Creative Commons? Attribution-NoDerivs 3. The Steinway is astounding in detail every note is sampled and some samples are over 60 seconds in length!

It feels very natural to play and is quite dynamic over different velocities. I have run it on both the iPhone 6s and the ipad air2 and it performs without latency. I'd be interested to hear your comments on this soundfont. Cheers, John. Good job, i like your Classic preset, this is to my knowledge the best free piano available in sf2 format. The ones i used have the advantage over this one of being very "light" 15 to 43 mo but don't reach the same quality of sound.

Are you only interested in piano samples or do you happen to have like me an sf2 library of various instruments? Cheers, Eric. I started collecting sf2's in the 90s.

Always glad to see new stuff and new sites. Thanks very much. Soundcloud Page I don't care about my ego, I care about my mixes--Just say what you mean. Eric, I'm starting to get a good collection of quality free soundfonts and I'm currently working on a really nice acoustic guitar soundfont that I will share shortly.

BTW I've just now uploaded a new version v4 of the free piano that has some subtle improvements including a little more brightness for very heavily played notes in the Classic Steinway. The new link is in the first post. Regards, John. Thanks John for improving the Classic Steinway, looking forward to listening to your guitar. I wish i could help but i am afraid i am only good at "hunting" sf2 samples on the net! You probably won't need it but let me know if you feel like trying any of my samples, who knows there might be some that you haven't grabbed yet.

OK here is the Acoustic Guitars soundfont sf2 file that I've been working on and am really quite excited about. Presets include Steel, Nylon and 12 String Guitars. I've also modified and included a couple of other freely available guitars to provide a broad choice of acoustic sounds.

The uncompressed file is 88mb while the zipped download is 46mb. Cheers and hope you enjoy. Replies: 0 Last Post: Replies: 1 Last Post: Upright Piano Soundfont?The 'sf2' download link seems currently to point to the 'sf3' zip file - mis-paste?

Thank you; Link names that were mistakenly mixed with each other were corrected. This is amazing! It's hard to believe something like this can be free. It doesn't work well on Musescore The Mixed manuals doesn't work at all I tested it and confirmed that it was all working. I did'nt understand what the problem was.

If you want an organo pleno, you need to mix a mixture that can be all together. From the mixer or instrument list Also: you can increase the volume a little and increase the reverb mix a little. I'm struggling to change registration in the middle of a score on MuseScore. Do you know if this is something that is possible? How to loop a sample? Mis-known things that are about soundfonts. Wednesday, October 9, hedOrgan pipe-organ soundfont v7. The smoothing effect is used in the current settings.

If you want an "Organo pleno", you need to mix a mixture that can be all together. Notice: The chorus sound is from another sound-font. Not included in the t his sound-font. L June 1, at PM. Ziya Mete June 5, at PM.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Every single one works cross-platform on both PC and Mac machines. Recorded at the Berklee College of Music, and packaged into a lightweight package for Mac or PC and for the full version of Kontakt, this piano could well set the standard in realistic piano VST instruments.

Upright No.

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This particular piano has been recorded with two wide, close mics, and offers Reverb, Panning and Volume controls, alongside Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release envelope settings. You can grab it at the Versilian Studios website. As the sampling behind Soft Piano is very deep, there are only three controls: Expression far-left can be thought of as a volume control, the middle slider determines the dynamic response ie, how much Soft Piano responds to your MIDI velocityand the right-hand knob provides reverb.

You can grab it now from the BitSonic website. This particular free VST piano has been physically modelled, meaning the physics of the hammers, strings and soundboard have been recreated in code. The result is an impressive mixture of great sound quality and low computer resource consumption. After years of sampling pianos and other instruments, RDG decided to launch a free grand piano VST to showcase their talents. You can grab this one from the RDG Audio website.

You get simple enveloping with Attack and Release times, a Tremolo effect more like a chorus at times, with Intensity and Speed controlsand Dampen low-pass filter and Reverb controls too. There's also global control over master Volume, and a separate knob that defines the loudness of the keys being released at the end of notes.

If you need a no-nonsense piano VST for no money, and with no added fuss, you could very well make it this one. Another entry from BigCat Instruments, the maker of the above Skerratt London Piano and Iowa Piano comes in with another characterful sampled piano, released under his own name.

Check out Free Samples on Loopmasters. AZS Sphere for Zebra2. Broken Beats. Disco Nu Disco.

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DJ Tools.Strix Soundfonts. Search this site. Custom Patches. Examples of usage. Planned Features. Selection of Patches.

Starlight Dream Compatibility. Stardream Error Codes. More Soundfonts. Other Soundfont Info. Our stance on Game Soundfonts. Random Fluff. Soundfont Support. Stardream Modules. Soundfont Player Compatibility. Strix Soundfont Compatibility. Successors to SoundFonts my message to E-mu. What sound samples do we need? How to make a sample library. What do the voice names mean on Yamaha or Roland musical instruments? Where do the SGM sounds come from?

Natural Salamander, the most realistic piano in a soundfont, includes resonance and key off samples! Realistic 'Iowa' Strings and Brass, and Lithalean instruments!

Elf Starlight Dream Support Yamaha-style instruments! Licensed under GPL Version 3 or later, with an exception! All Rights Reserved.See the website for demo and detailed information. For Download and Patch List 28 Patches! In reply to Non ragioniam di lor, ma… by Shoichi. I wish I could put the blog's name on it.

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Judging by the behavior of the visitors, "Passaggio Pedonale" is a beautiful name. Your sound and dedication is amazing.

I hope to get a chance soon to reorganize my sf collections and figure out just which "Salamander" is what. I started to get lost when I added Symphonic Sounds and Compifont from this forum.

Keep up the great work. Do you know of any sf2 vst players with a solid interface? It doesn't seem like there are any. A lot of folks use Msc for scoring post-facto or for programming midi for DAW playback.

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In reply to Your sound and dedication is… by ramblinj. The name of this software is sFz, but it also plays sf2 soundfonts perfectly. A single instance can only use 1 soundfont.

Of course you can use another one for another track. Performance is also good. Although it's x86 32 bit I am running in Cubase64 and elsewhere.

In reply to Use this VST. In reply to Got it. I love the… by ramblinj. I don't like this behavior of the software. And the Ploque sforzando and its Aria engineaccording to his job, a little more MB size. But, this little giant is just doing his job. For a. I've always had issues trying to get SFZ to work right with more complex sf2 files. Do you still have an unanswered question?

Please log in first to post your question. Software Soundfonts Plugins.Hi, I'm new to this site love it! I have a midi keyboard that I want to play piano stuff on the recording software that came with the controller doesn't have a basic piano sound. I know!?! I don't know if a sample like this already exists on here I would think it does? I don't have specific samples, but here's what you can do and I know this is not what you requested, but for most parts, we don't have the capability to hear the minute differences.

Here on freesound, you're gonna find tons of great piano samples. The normal process would be to take one note and stretch it out to about half an octave, and then the next one again to about half an octave and so on and so forth.

The Ultimate Free Sfz Instruments List!

Sometimes there are some imperfections in pitching because you don't have the actual note; you're actually deriving one of the notes by stretching another note up or down an octave. In such cases, it's just trial and effort, but I think you'll save lots of time.

If you do find all the samples, definitely do what you need, but this was just a suggestion. Good luck! Best bet: Salamander Grand Piano soundfont - free and open, the package contains the individual samples other than being directly usable with any SFZ player. I downloaded your 'best bet' as a torrent using utorrent the unpacking the rar file with win rar. I think salamander grand sounds great.

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Actually, it does have all the notes; but older versions were affected by a wrong. If you have trouble finding the fixed one or fixing it yourself, I can send you the. Yeah i would love that, i thought i could cope with shortcircuit 1 however it doesn't sound that greatbut the real samples would be great! Many thanks!! The fixed file is not the only thing you need I'll email it to you right after writing this but you can get the update of the samples directly from the links on the homepage where it says "And links to a small update to version3".

Make sure you get the format and sample rate corresponding to the V2 samples you already got, unpack the update right over the V2 files, then add the. Haha, im sorry to be a pain. My bad, I've been too generic and lazy saying "any SFZ player" without detailing a bit Yes, Linuxsampler will work if it's a recent release, it has been patched for better sfz support. Consider the sfz as the recipe for the player telling it how to use the individual samples; the player reads the sfz, loads all the involved samples, and maps them accordingly.

The way they made it, they incorporated real life recordings so when you use the pedal, if you've ever played on an actual piano, you can "hear" the hammers lifting on and off the strings and the strings vibrating. That may be something to like or not like depending on if you want a really clean sound.A grand piano sampling library I made once!

Thank you Roberto for hosting it! Very grateful for your time and effort to record and publish freely build this library. Thank you very much!!!. Excellent library! Heard about it on the Big Cat Instruments page. Ok with credit to you for the sample? Please let me know how you would prefer to be credited. Hey, this is the best piano soundfont I played so far.

Great work, thanks. I am newbie composer and I am so grateful for this soundfont. Thank you very much for your amazing work!

We had recently made a phase aligned version of the piano which loads faster on older PCs. Ventures Social. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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